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Stories From the Sidelines: Josh Williams, fort Pierce Central Basketball

Treasure Coast, FL 02.28.2023 - Josh Williams is a 5’ 11” Senior shooting Guard who played at Fort Pierce Central High School. He describes basketball the way he views his life: Competitive & Respectful. He is a true believer in treating people the same way he wants to be treated – with respect and involving others – never leaving anyone out of the mix. He believes in being a part of a team, whether in sports or not.

Williams, who resides in Port St. Lucie has found a rather simple solution to staying out of trouble – he surrounds himself with good people, like his uncle who owns a plumbing company where he would occasionally help out with picking up pipes and passing tools on big jobs; or with the likes of his Head Coach, Chris Maxon whom he says has taught him some valuable life lessons, such as not letting anyone knock him out of focus.

"Josh, because of his outstanding upbringing, knew at a young age when he arrived at Central, the value of hard work, commitment, teamwork, and sacrifice. These are all qualities that winners like Josh bring to programs and make them successful. What he has done for our program at Central to make us successful has not gone unnoticed", says Maxon.

Williams is a huge fan of cars and car shows. His father used to show cars, so the young Williams grew up around automobiles. He works out regularly at Planet Fitness or LA Fitness where he often finds himself in five-on-five pick-up games with people a decade older than he is.

Josh Williams is drama free and gets upset when people argue over “the small stuff in life”. He is a US History buff of sorts and enjoys learning about the events that shaped the nation into what it is today.

As for the future, Williams has his sites set on the University of South Florida, the University of North Florida, the University of Miami, or staying close to home and attending IRSC.

He would like to one day meet Lebron James because, as he says, he has lived his life in style with class and dignity and is a good family man and role model.

Unlike many other student-athletes we write about, the most important thing to Josh is not basketball – it’s keeping his grade up “because without good grades you just can do anything or go anywhere in life”, he explains.


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