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Customized tumblers sell for upwards of $35 and many include very little customization. Thirst+AID Tumblers are completely customized with one of our famous backgrounds or a background of your own choosing. We work with you to design your perfect tumbler while branding your sports team the way you want it branded.

Our fundraising program allows you to earn up to 45.7%  of the sale depending on how many are sold.

Pricing is as follows:

Qty    Cost        Sell        Gross Margin %
1         $29.95    $35.00        14.4%
2-11    $24.00    $35.00        31.4%
12+      $19.00    $35.00        45.7%

Add custom name +5.00

Free local delivery. 
Shipping is available at an additional cost.

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