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Getting to know you: Christian Maxon Fort Pierce Central Basketball

Port St. Lucie, FL 02.15.2023 --

Standing six foot two inches and topping the scales at just under 150 lbs., Christian Maxon is a tall, slender, and reserved individual – except for when he is on the basketball court where his tall and well-built frame has become revered. Maxon and his identical twin brother Christopher are the feared enemy of many local high school basketball programs (and some regional and national ones as well). But this story is about Christian (Christopher’s story will follow at a future date).

Maxon, a sophomore, has been starting at Shooting Guard for the past two seasons for Fort Pierce Central, where his father is the head coach. This season he scored one point every :59 seconds accounting for 24.7% of his team’s total offense. With 805 total points scored over the past two seasons he will break the 1,000-point mark in the middle of next season should things go according to plan.

We asked Maxon, and other student-athletes, to fill out our Student-Athlete profile forms which contain around 20 questions. Our interview with Christian focused on some of those questions as we dug deeper into his thought process.

For example, when asked about why being a student-athlete is an important part of your overall education Maxon responded by saying: “I’m a student first, then an athlete. Everything hinges on my education. It gives me something to fall back on should I not become a professional basketball player, and I want to be a Chiropractor. I just love cracking backs and bones. I crack my whole family and truly enjoy it”.

Maxon is a time management junky of sorts. Coaches, teachers, and players (both on his team and his opposition) describe him as dedicated with a strong work ethic who doesn’t mess around. A point Maxon agrees with.

“I don’t mess around when it comes to school. I try and get all my work completed while I’m still at school so I will have time for practice and working out. I always try to better myself every day.”

Of Maxon’s many statistics one stands out – his three-point shots made where his 96 buckets are third in the state in every class, region, and district according to MaxPreps, the official scorekeeping partner of the Florida High School Athletic Association. In fact, he is only 3 points (no pun intended) behind the leader and he led the category most of the season. He’s a three-point machine where 21.7% of his overall points scored are three-pointers. And he’s made north of 47% of his three-point attempts.

In case you haven’t guessed it by now, Maxon has a very high GPA – 3.9 on a 4.0 scale, where he is a beast at math, earning an A thus far in pre-Calc (that’s right, a 10th grader taking pre-calculus and earning an A).

Like many teenagers, Maxon is happiest when he is with his friends and family, especially his two biggest fans, his mother and sister. And he has a certain wit about him as well. For instance, when I asked what upsets him the most he said, “when the ice cream machine is broken at Mcdonald's.”

Maxon loves playing for his father and with his brother – “I wouldn’t have it any other way”, he says. I feed off my brother and my brother feeds off of me. And we both feed off our father. He speaks highly of his school and loves the freedom he has to learn and explore his ideas.

Maxon has his sites set high for his future education where the University of Central Florida, the University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University, and the University of North Florida (all with strong Division 1 basketball programs) are the top four colleges he would like to attend.

When asked where he would like to visit if money were not an option, anywhere in the world, Maxon chooses to stay close to home. “I’d like to visit the Bahamas one day – it’s peaceful and quiet and laid back”, he says.

Asked what he would do if he won a million dollars, Maxon the forever family man, says he would invest 60% of it and take the other 40% and buy his parents a house and then share the remainder with his family.


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