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Meet Josh Banate - Fort Pierce Central Varsity Boys Basketball


Josh Banate

#4 Point Guard Sophomore ​​ GPA 4.0 HOME TOWN: Port St. Lucie HEIGHT 5'10" WEIGHT 160 OTHER SPORTS PLAYED None How do you spend your free time?: Playing basketball and spending time with family and friends The best thing about me is?: I am selfless and care for others I am happiest when?: I am doing the things I love I get very upset when?: People don’t try in things that are important What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?: I play guitar and am a good driver. List three words that people use to describe you?: Caring, quiet, hardworking What do you like the most about your school?: Spending time with my friends What do you like least about your school?: The workload is pretty hefty If you go anywhere in the world where would that be and why?: Colorado during winter because it seems really nice up there and I have never seen snow My greatest wish is?: To be rich Ten years from now I will be?: An engineer Whom do you admire most other than one of your parents and why?: My brother because he inspires me to work hard If you could meet any person in the world, dead or alive, whom would that be and why?: I would like to meet Kobe because he is one of my favorite basketball players. Who is your favorite band or musician and why?: My favorite musician is the rapper A$AP Rocky because of the lyrics he writes. What is your greatest motivating factor?: Giving back to my parents when I’m older What motto or slogan best describes you?: “Work harder” What is most important to you outside of athletics?: Family and grades What re your top three college choices?: University of Florida, Georgia Tech, MIT Why is being a student-athlete an important part of your education?: Being a student-athlete allows you to experience further opportunities normal students don’t get to experience. What else should we know about you?: I'm a fun guy

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